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The unnamed author of the New York Times piece calls the president amoral, and his leadership style “impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective.” In order to protect Americans, he or she, along with a group of “unsung heroes,” have been trying to undermine Trump’s actions at every turn, according to the piece. What the author is saying, says Engel, is: “We are not following the chain of command. Period. Because we don’t trust the president.” That’s essentially a coup, he adds. That alone makes the commentary unprecedented, but it’s a first in other ways too. The questions that fluttered around Wilson’s and Reagan’s fitness, for example, were related to medical conditions, not their alleged lack of values. “No one ever said that Wilson or Reagan… were lacking in any kind of moral fiber,” said Engel. And in the past, if administration officials wanted to air out their disagreement with a president, they would step down from their post first. That has happened under Trump too. But even before the op-ed, there’s been no shortage of Trump bashing from within, via leaks. A whole book’s worth of damning insiders’ accounts—Bob Woodward’s Fear: Trump in the White House—was also released this week.

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The Hot College Gig: Online Brand Promoter

Students can go to the Riddle & Bloom website and apply for one of the 2,000 “internships,” which last for a semester. Some students land the job through old-fashioned networking. Ms. Senior, the student at Duke, heard about Riddle & Bloom through a sorority sister, who had posted a link to the online application in their sorority group chat. And sometimes, students have no idea how they were selected. Advertisers hire Riddle & Bloom for access to its database of student applicants. The company says it has a close working relationship with university officials through the National Association for Campus Activities, a trade association, noting that they even share an office in Columbia, S.C. Representatives from the association say that they do not give out either personal or contact information about students without permission, but that they do steer campus leaders toward Riddle & Bloom. Ms. Gabriel said she hadn’t considered being a brand ambassador until, out of the blue, AT&T reached out to her via direct message on Instagram. She attributed the company’s interest to the down-to-earth photos she posts and the number of comments she gets.

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